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Room Bookings Policy

Statement of Intent

The “Library Programme Rooms” policy applies to the programme rooms available in the 100
Mile House, Quesnel, and Williams Lake Area Branches. The rooms are principally
intended for the following: library sponsored programmes; programmes co-sponsored by the
Cariboo Regional District Library with partner agencies; library staff training sessions;
library orientation sessions that are provided to various groups in the communities.

The policy does not apply to meeting room facilities managed by the municipalities of
Quesnel, 100 Mile House, and Williams Lake, or by the Cariboo Regional District, that
may be available, when they are not booked for other functions, for events sponsored or
supported by the Cariboo Regional District Library.

The Board of Directors of the Cariboo Regional District supports use of the Cariboo
Regional District Library’s programme facilities by non-profit, volunteer, and support groups.
Use of the rooms by community groups and organizations does not constitute the Board’s
endorsement, support or co-sponsorship of the activities, beliefs or viewpoints of the
participants in the programmes or groups using the programme rooms.

General Guidelines:

  1. If the programme room has not been booked for a library programme or orientation session, it is available free of charge to non-profit groups. These groups are not limited to but can include adult recreation and self-help; children’s and youth groups.
  2. Access to the programme room may be limited to the branch hours of operation. Branch
    staff will inform potential users of the room’s availability during hours of closure.
  3. Allowable occupancy varies with each programme room. Branch staff will inform
    potential users of room occupancy limits.


  1. The reservation form must be completed and signed at the time of booking.
  2. The group representative signing the form agrees that the group will compensate the
    Cariboo Regional District Library for any damages (beyond reasonable wear)
    resulting from the group’s use of the programme room and adjacent library facilities.
  3.  A group or organization may reserve the programme room up to four days a month.
  4.  A group or organization may book use of the programme room up to a three month
  5. The library branch should be notified of canceled meetings at least 24 hours in
    advance of the meetings.
  6. Groups are expected to provide their own refreshments. Alcoholic beverages may
    not be served.
  7. Please check with library staff regarding available equipment. Additional equipment
    and all stationary supplies must be supplied by the groups using the programme room.
  8. No smoking is allowed within the programme room, or other facilities of the library. The
    room must be left in a neat and orderly condition.
  9. Non-profit groups using the programme room will be permitted to make sales under
    these conditions:
    a) Sales must be confined to the room and no effort is made to solicit other library
    b) Sales must be for the benefit of the non-profit organization using the room.
  10. The sale of goods that directly or indirectly benefit the Area Branch will be permitted
    in all public areas of the branch, including the programme room. When an author takes
    part in a library sponsored programme, the Branch may arrange for the sale of the
    author’s works at the programme.
  11. Meetings must be open to the public at no charge; meetings must not be restricted to
    any particular group.
  12. Students nay contact an Area Branch for exam invigilations. Advance notice of at least two weeks is required to book. Proctoring is available by certain staff, based on their availability. The Programme Room may be used for exams when library programming or non-profit groups have not booked the space.
  13. While using the programme room, the group shall obey any reasonable direction by
    library staff not in conflict with established policy. Any person who fails to obey such
    direction may be requested to leave the library premises.

Updated: January 2024

Library Programme Rooms Policy