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NNELS Formats & Devices

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The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) offers a repository of downloadable accessible format materials for anyone with a print disability. A variety of digital formats is available, including: EPUB, DAISY, Mp3, DOC, RTF, and PDF. A physical collection of Braille books can also be requested to borrow. If you would like to borrow CD discs, DAISY readers may be available to borrow through your library branch or through a partnership with a local organization. Please speak to library staff if you need access to a reader.

Eligible users include individuals with print disabilities or people acting on their behalf. Print disabilities include vision, mobility, and comprehension impairments that prevent individuals from being able to read a print book. Approximately 10% of Canadians qualify for access to NNELS.

After registering at the library, eligible users or friends and family members can access the NNELS catalogue and download material directly, or request assistance from library staff.

NNELS accepts requests for new books, so if an eligible user cannot find a book in a format that works for them, NNELS can produce it. Requests can be submitted by any logged in users from a participating province or territory.

For more information, please visit or contact your CRDL branch.