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Borrow From Other Libraries (Videos)

Borrow InterLibrary Connect (ILC)

If you cannot find an item within our 15 Cariboo branches, you can change your catalogue search to “BC InterLibrary Connect” to borrow from other libraries.

For steps on how to search with ILC and place holds, watch our How To video on Youtube: Borrow InterLibrary Connect (ILC).


Borrow InterLibrary Loans (ILL)

If you have already tried searching for a book within our 15 Cariboo branches and participating ILC libraries, but have still not found what you are looking for, you can try placing a hold with InterLibrary Loans (ILL). Participating ILL libraries expands beyond ILC libraries but you search on the Illume catalogue instead of our library catalogue.

If you need help placing an ILL hold, please watch our How To video on Youtube: Borrow InterLibrary Loans (ILL)